Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors: How to Choose the Right Doors

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors: How to Choose the Right Doors

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors: How to Choose the Right Doors

Making the right choice when deciding which Bi-fold doors to purchase for your dream home can be complicated.

There are many factors to consider to help ensure the right product is chosen to fit your individual needs. Bi-fold doors are fashionable and the current ‘in’ choice when it comes to renovated and new builds. We've have compiled a checklist to help the process for you.

What is your budget?

Bi-fold door prices vary depending on the specification. Customers need to consider size requirements, what material they prefer and the level of quality. When looking at options within your budget, remember the added VAT and cost of installation when evaluating your prices and options. Next look at the company you are considering buying from, what their warranty includes and how it compares to others. Ask questions about how well the Bi-fold doors will withstand all the changing weather over the seasons.

Which aluminimum doors do I choose?

Aluminium Bi-fold doors in our opinion are stable, stylish and designed to withstand all weather and climate changes. Timber however has it benefits, it looks traditional and in keeping with the home and it provides excellent insulation. However timber can react to heat by the doors sticking together making it hard to open them, so keep that in mind.

How can I choose an energy efficient option?

We all want to save energy! so when choosing your Bi-fold doors investigate what energy rating options are available within your budget. You may pay a little bit more but the long term benefits and financial savings will out way the initial costs. Your home will be warmer and sound insulated with better energy bills. It is also worth checking with your local building control on what their current requirements are for your home.

How can I ensure security is paramount?

Similar to a patio door, Bi-fold doors are on the ground floor which can be considered a target for a break in. We recommend checking with the company on their door security to help provide reassurance.

Why is Quality Accreditation important?

Accreditation is important when choosing your Bi-fold doors. We recommend our clients look for independent quality accreditation within the products which we can advise on. This is the top standard certification in the industry. Products with this stamp have received lab testing, on-site evaluations, quality checks and regular inspections.

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